Unsolicited Commercial E-mail Policy (Anti-Spam Policy)

Last updated: 11 January, 2023

We prioritize the privacy and security of internet users. To ensure responsible communication, we have established the following guidelines:
A. Message Recipient Policy
Recipients of our messages, advertising, or promotions must agree to receive such communications. We respect all requests to be removed from our mailing list and promptly address any complaints about unwanted messages.
B. Unsubscribe Option
Each email sent from our domain includes an option to unsubscribe, allowing recipients to easily opt out of future communications.
C. Definition of Spam
Spam refers to unsolicited bulk email sent without the recipient’s consent or any prior relationship with the sender.
D. Examples of Spam
Sending emails to individuals who have previously opted out of receiving such communications.
Sending emails to individuals with no prior association or consent.
Failing to provide an opt-out option in emails.
Using invalid or misleading information in email headers or content.
Promoting adult websites without explicit request from the recipient.
Harvesting email addresses from the internet for promotional purposes.
E. Policy against Unsolicited Advertising
We strictly prohibit the use of unsolicited email messages to promote our website or brand. Non-compliance with this policy may result in the termination of partnerships or affiliate accounts. To report unsolicited emails promoting our brand, please contact our abuse department at [email protected]. We thoroughly investigate all complaints related to unwanted messages.
For additional information, please review our Privacy Policy.

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